Our Figs.

Neoval Fruit brings the flavor and quality of the mexican fig to the world with over 50 hectares of high density produce of Black Mission & Brown turkey figs ready for international destinations.

Our farms make use of state of the art agricultural technologies to reach between 5k and 9k fig plants pear hectare and meet innocuity requirements and export quality certifications.

We commercialize 5 fig categories, specifically selected based on size and other quality indicators for various types of consumption.

Category I: Export A

Large high quality fruit grown for fresh consumption on premium markets or as a gourmet ingredient.

Category II: Export B

High quality fruit for fresh consumption for international markets.

Category III: Local Market A

Flavor rich fruit. Ready for fresh consumption or as ingredient.

Category IV: Local Market B

Price conscious fruit for fresh consumption. Usually sold in bulk.

Category V: Food processing

Free of critical organic contaminants. For candied/crystallized applications, jelly or as base ingredient or raw material.

Safe Fruit

We partner with producers across Mexico to achieve phytosanitary quality. Our fig farms are certified for food safety with local and international standards like…

Low environmental impact.

Our state of the art drip irrigation systemas and locally sourced substrates result in low water consumption and high yields of fruit in small spaces. Making our fruit highly resource efficient.


Our crystal clear thermoformed packaging keeps the produce protected and in perfect condition from the farm to the shelf.

  • 1 Pound – 454g
  • 2 Pounds – 907g
  • 4.4 Ounces – 125g
  • 5.6 Ounces. – 160g
  • Custom.


24 Pieces thermoformed packaging stacked and protected by ruggedized cardboard box that lowers the cost of shipping of your imports by reducing the weight of the packaging per kilogram of fruit.


Our export quality figs reach NorthAmerica, Europe and HongKong, from November to June.

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Taste the first class flavor of Mexican Figs. Contact us for availability and trade routes to your country. 

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